General Property Law Update

Nottingham [11 February 2019]

Sharpe Pritchard partner, Gemma Duncan, and Richard Hanstock of Cornerstone Barristers will provide a general property law update on 11 February 2019 in Nottingham. The session will be an update seminar dealing with recent developments and topical issues in property law relevant to local authorities. The course will include developments in both housing law, and commercial property law.
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Education Law Update

Nottingham [12 March 2019]

Sharpe Pritchard education partners, Annie Moy and Catherine Newman will present an Education law update in Nottingham on 12 March 2019.
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How to make change happen

Nottingham [26 March 2019]

Sharpe Pritchard partner, Annie Moy and business development professional, Debbie Bondi, will be presenting an interactive and engaging session exploring practical approaches to overcoming barriers to change that organisation face.
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