Electoral Law

Sharpe Pritchard is one of the few firms which offers expertise in electoral law, advising returning officers and other election officers in the complex procedures connected with running local and parliamentary elections and referendums. We advise on pre-and post-election difficulties, including when the conduct or result of an election is challenged by election petition. Our specialist solicitors advise on:

  • pre-election publicity;
  • expenses;
  • election and referendum procedures;
  • electronic voting;
  • High Court election petitions;
  • ballot paper recounts;
  • expenditure of candidates and political parties;
  • voter registration;
  • candidate nomination;
  • election literature;
  • voting documentation and lawfulness; and
  • absent and postal voting processes.

Sharpe Pritchard operate an election hotline available to give urgent advice during polling day and the count.

Case highlights

  • Following the 2019 UK parliamentary elections, advising an acting returning officer whose conduct of an election was questioned by a candidate.
  • During the 2019 parliamentary elections, advising returning officers on a wide-range of issues including purdah, nominations, the validity of postal voting statements, and photographs being taken at polling stations.
  • Following the 2019 local government elections, acting for the returning officer in defending a petition concerning the conduct of the election.
  • Following the 2019 local government elections, applying to the court for an order to open the sealed packets of ballot papers and other documents.
  • Acting for the returning officer the ground-breaking election petition which challenged the election of the mayor of Tower Hamlets.
  • Advising and acting for a returning officer where the result of a county council election had been challenged as to the conduct of the vote counting process and a recount refused.
  • Advising on the rejection of a candidate’s nomination as incomplete and not containing necessary information.
  • Acting in an election petition where electors were waiting in queues outside polling stations had been unable to vote.

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Electoral Law