Subsidy Control

As one of the UK’s leading firms advising the public sector, many of our clients are affected by the Subsidy Control Act 2022 which sets out the UK’s prevailing subsidy control rules.

As such, we have accumulated a wealth of experience in advising on matters relating to subsidies and schemes and when they can be validly given.

Our recognised team of experts are able to break down the complexities of the new subsidy control regime to give pragmatic, solution-focused advice.

Their expertise covers a range of areas including analysis of compliance with subsidy control principles, the use of streamlined routes and assistance with referrals to the Subsidy Advice Unit.

We have extensive experience advising the public sector and the private sector (as beneficiaries to subsidies), meaning we are able to propose suitably tailored routes to subsidy control compliance for our clients. We regularly advise on the following:

  • Designing and issuing grant schemes in compliance with the subsidy control principles
  • Drafting assessments of subsidies against the principles (as required under the new regime)
  • Whether a subsidy arises
  • The scope of automatically unlawful subsidies
  • Exemptions to the new regime, streamlined routes and subsidy schemes
  • The continuing application of EU State aid rules and the Northern Ireland Protocol (where applicable)

Our experts also regularly provide training for public bodies on all aspects of the new regime.

Going Green

It is vital for the legal industry to support the environmental agenda. Our specialist teams are finding more and more ways to support our clients green goals and obligations. Visit our green goals page for more details on how we can achieve green aims both for our clients in the work we do as well as a business and employer.

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Subsidy Control

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