Human Rights

We have advised many public authorities on human rights issues since the introduction of the Human Rights Act 1998.

The incorporation of the European Convention on Human Rights into UK law has meant that there has been a need for intensive scrutiny of the impact of public administration on human rights.

In some areas public authorities have needed to rethink and remodel the way in which they provide services. The need for flexibility and responsiveness has been felt particularly in the fields of housing and social services.

The fact that human rights considerations have to be taken into account in possession proceedings requires careful consideration and the need for legal advice in these cases has increased.

Similarly, there has been growing awareness of the human rights implications of the treatment of older and vulnerable people. The role of the state in the care and protection of children and adults who may be at risk is defined by the need to operate within a complex and sensitive legal framework.

Human rights legislation has also impacted on other areas of public law, especially since those adversely affected by a decision may argue about the fairness of the decision-making process.

Our extensive public law practice means that our lawyers understand and are able to advise on the human rights implications of actions and decisions of public authorities.

Our advice can help to ensure compliance with the Human Rights Act and minimise the risk of a potential challenge.

Going Green

It is vital for the legal industry to support the environmental agenda. Our specialist teams are finding more and more ways to support our clients green goals and obligations. Visit our green goals page for more details on how we can achieve green aims both for our clients in the work we do as well as a business and employer.

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Human Rights

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