Green Goals – Central Government

Central government bodies have recognised that their participation is fundamental to achieving the UK’s Net Zero Target, and that they must lead by example and adjust their behaviour where necessary to ensure that this target is met.

Our team is on hand to assist central government bodies in understanding their obligations in relation to combatting climate change, including in relation to:

  • The requirements under PPN 06/21 when undertaking procurements for major government contracts to include (in assessing bidders’ technical and professional ability) an assessment of bidders’ Carbon Reduction Plans, confirming their commitment to obtaining Net Zero by 2050 in the UK and outlining their environmental management measures which will be utilised during the performance of the contract;
    • Ensuring that environmental considerations can be addressed in major central government projects throughout the procurement lifecycle; and
    • Ensuring that the contracts entered into as a result of procurement exercises can be effectively enforced after the procurement exercise has concluded.

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