Public Inquiries

We have unparalleled experience in advising our clients through public inquiries including acting in some of the most complex and significant cases in recent years.

Public inquiry work, whilst sharing similarities with civil litigation in the High Court, comes with its own set of procedures and working practices, where we have established ourselves as experts.

We have assisted with a range of public inquiries including those established under the Inquiries Act (2005), to promoting large Compulsory Purchase Orders, to acting for the National Trust and Historic England as objectors to nationally important planning schemes.

Our team also undertakes the advocacy at these inquiries, including calling evidence from witnesses and undertaking cross examination.

We guide our clients through the entire public inquiry process including:

  • Settling Statements of Case
  • Drafting Witness Statements and Rebuttals
  • Dealing with large disclosure requests
  • Advising on cost applications
  • Preparing for and appearing at the hearings
  • Advising on any Judicial Reviews as a consequence of the Inquiry


  • National Trust – Bramshill House
  • Historic England – World Heritage Site
  • Buckingham Compulsory Purchase Order
  • National Trust – Fountains Abby
  • Hereford Compulsory Purchase Order
  • Wandsworth Compulsory Purchase Order
  • Waltham Forest Compulsory Purchase Order

Going Green

It is vital for the legal industry to support the environmental agenda. Our specialist teams are finding more and more ways to support our clients green goals and obligations. Visit our green goals page for more details on how we can achieve green aims both for our clients in the work we do as well as a business and employer.

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