Our Commitment to Wellbeing

We know that the wellbeing of our people engenders real business benefits and is key to supporting our strategy for growth and resilience but, fundamentally, ensuring a happy and healthy workforce is simply the right thing to do.

Our wellbeing strategy is designed to support the financial, physical and mental health of our people and includes:


Mental Health at Work Commitments

We’re signatories to the 6 Mental Health at Work Commitments and have embedded all 6 Mental Health Core Standards.

Mindful Business Charter

This encourages us to be more thoughtful about the impact our work behaviors have on each other. Based around the four pillars of openness and respect, smart meetings and communication, respecting rest periods, and mindful delegation, it offers practical guidance to ensure our ways of working promote and support wellbeing.

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Mental Health First Aiders

Each trained team member is trained to spot the signs of mental ill health and provide initial support and non-judgmental, confidential listening to staff who need assistance. They also signpost to available support services and promote a workplace culture where staff are free to discuss mental health issues openly and feel supported by their colleagues. We currently have 11 MHFA, making it 1:10.5 ratio of mental first aiders to employees with plans to train even more colleagues.

Wellbeing Leadership Group

Our Wellbeing Leadership Group, which includes team members from across the firm, are dedicated to promoting good mental health and wellbeing across the firm, regularly communicating initiatives, sharing best working practice, and raising the profile of our mental health first aiders.

What initiatives have we put in place
to enhance wellbeing?

We have embraced hybrid working via SP Flex

Regular one to one meeting and check-ins encourage interaction and problem-sharing

New time off for fertility policy

Free annual flu vaccinations for all staff

Regular events programme including weekly drinks, monthly lunches and regular social activities to bring the firm together as a community

Managers trained to support mental health and mental health first aiders in place across the firm

All team members have access to Smart Health private health assistance available to all employees via AIG which includes:

  • 24/7 online GP appointments
  • Second medical opinions
  • Health checks
  • Mental health support
  • 24/7 mental health helpline
  • myStrength wellbeing app
  • Nutrition advice
  • Fitness plans
  • Legal and financial support

New menopause policy

Improved parental leave benefits

New disability reasonable adjustment policy

Improved compassionate leave

Members of the Employers’ Initiative on Domestic Abuse (EIDA) and committing to becoming trained to support domestic abuse

Promoting procedures for reporting and handling inappropriate behaviour (e.g. bullying and harassment

Our firm became a signatory to the Mindful Business Charter and we have since launched our own version of the charter

Neuro Diversity in Business

An active Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) and social mobility policy

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Celebrating key awareness days including Time to Talk and Mental Health Awareness week to share information and awareness of support available

All team members have access to our private health insurance which includes full mental health support.

How are we measuring our wellbeing goals?

Last year, we also set a goal to achieve a Best Companies two-star accreditation by 2023. We have achieved this a year ahead of our target, with anonymous feedback from across the firm leading to us improving – from “Very Good” to “Outstanding”.

As such, we moved from 38th to 12th in the Best mid-sized company to work for in London and from 15th to 11th in the national law firm rankings.

We also have good engagement and satisfaction scores of over 90% across the firm which is a strong foundation for all wellbeing initiatives.

We also regularly monitor our wellbeing goals by reviewing:

  • Time recording and billing for fee earners
  • Sickness absence figures
  • Staff retention and turnover
  • Employee satisfaction through annual staff survey
  • Exit interviews

The governance of the firm ensures that the work of HR and the Wellbeing Leadership group is reported at Executive level and supported.

Key Goals for the future:

By 2023

Sign up to MIND’s
Workplace Wellbeing Index.

Maintain the LHWA
“foundation” accreditation.

By 2024

Maintain the LHWA “foundation” accreditation, look forward to working towards the Achievement accreditation.

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