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A critical analysis of the impacts of the Economic Crime and Transparency Act 2023 on Local Authorities and their companies

The Economic Crime & Corporate Transparency Act 2023 (ECCTA) is designed to implement wide-ranging reforms to tackle economic crime and improve the transparency of corporate entities. Whilst the ECCTA is now law, most changes will be introduced over the course of the coming one to two years, allowing for secondary legislation and the necessary significant reform of the

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Back-to-back contracting sounds simple, but is it really?

We often hear the term ‘back-to-back’ contracting, but what does this mean, and what are the common themes to consider when faced with a construction project involving multiple parties?

What are back-to-back contracts?

Back-to-back contracting is a term widely used within construction projects by which a main contractor seeks to pass on its obligations towards the employer to its subcontractor(s).

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New Managing Partner at Sharpe Pritchard – marking a new chapter for the leading public sector law firm

Sharpe Pritchard, one of the UK’s top public sector law specialists, is delighted to announce the appointment of Timothy Farr as its new Managing Partner.

Tim will take over the role from 2 April 2024, succeeding Julia Rudin, who stands down after 7 years at the helm.

Timothy Farr, who joined Sharpe Pritchard in 2008, has a wealth of experience

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Registration Deadline Extended for Registered Building Inspectors

The Health and Safety Executive (“HSE”) has extended the deadline for the registration of Registered Building Inspectors (“RBIs”) to 6 July 2024 following industry concerns.

Back in April 2023, the HSE set out its strategic context for the regulation of the building control framework as a result of the changes introduced by the Building Safety Act 2022. A set of

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Avoiding Late Payment in Construction – A Fair Payment Practices Guide


Payment issues in the construction industry have been well known for some time. With cash flow being critical to the success of construction projects and the solvency of the wider supply chain, late payments or long payment periods create acute points of contention between clients and suppliers.

Overall, late payments are considered detrimental because they disrupt financial stability, incur

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