About us

We are proud of our long history; which has seen us advise, develop and shape public law since 1826.

From advising in landmark cases - including the Wednesbury Corporation on unreasonableness and the reformation of the Sunday Trading laws - to our involvement in iconic projects of national significance - such as the Thames Tideway Tunnel and the London Eye - we continue to move with the times and remain at the forefront of modern legal developments.

Our unrivalled understanding of public law, built on decades of experience, has put us at the cutting edge of this ever-changing legal specialism. Our work and client base puts us at the heart of current legal developments, allowing us to offer unrivalled insight to those affected by it.

On this solid foundation of expertise our firm has evolved and, whilst remaining firmly embedded in our public sector roots and values, we now advise and support major corporate clients, landowners, health and service providers, developers and utilities.

We also have dedicated teams specialising in commercial assurance, adjudication advice, mediation service and strategic consultancy support services.


What makes us different?