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Take one lawyer who has worked across some of the UK’s most complex regulated green infrastructure – Steve Gummer…

Add one leading industry consultant and key adviser to local authorities developing green proposals – Steve Cirell…

And you get GreenSteves.

GreenSteves is a collaboration between commercial advisory and legal. The aim is to demystify some of the most complex aspects of local authority energy projects. We won’t be using legal jargon here. We’ll be drawing on our experience to explain in layman’s terms what local authorities could be doing to reach Net Zero and achieve their green goals. The GreenSteves collaboration will produce regular articles on different green topics and will follow up with webinars and discussions for local and public authority members.

Steve G is a Partner at Sharpe Pritchard and has worked on renewable energy projects from carbon credits, emissions trading, renewable generation, electric vehicles and transmission and all of the legal issues that accompany. He is an expert in public law and matters of subsidy control and private financing for public projects.

Steve C has worked in house in the public sector (latterly in a senior position), was an equity partner and in charge of local government work with an international law firm for 20 years and has written 18 books on various aspects of public law. He has advised across renewable projects mainly for local and public authorities.

The GreenSteves are excited to share this venture with the public. They are here to show that green doesn’t need to be difficult, that innovation is nearly always rewarded and that climate reform should be at the heart of every public sector policy for the next two decades.

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