Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our values underpin everything we do. They represent how we work with clients and each other to provide an excellent service.

Our mission:

Lawyers with purpose – working with
you to make a difference.


We have strong values and a long history rooted in working for the public sector. We have retained and built on that client base and expanded beyond it. We remain passionate about the work we do and are driven by a strong ethos about the value and the broader social outcomes that our work delivers.

Working together

We aim to consistently deliver excellent client service. Our clients should be able to access a broad range of experience across different
sectors and services within our firm in order to meet their legal advisory needs and we should work flexibly and collaboratively
with them.

Making a difference

We understand that our work has a direct
impact on and regularly involves helping our clients deliver complex and strategic
changes that improve people’s lives. We recognise the importance of
our work today and into
the future.

Our vision:

To be your go-to lawyers – recognised
as forward-thinking leaders in our field.

Go-to lawyers

We aim to establish broad, long-term and strategic relationships with our clients. We tune into and make a strong contribution to our client’s strategic agendas, helping them to manage risks and make the most of opportunities.

Forward-thinking leaders

We carefully watch leading industry trends and have an eye on the future. This means our clients benefit from innovative legal approaches. We have a hugely experienced team, many of whom are recognised authorities in their field. We contribute to national debates on latest market developments and the appropriate legal responses.

Our values:


Our people care about the work they do, the clients they work with and the outcomes they deliver. We have a strong social ethic that sits at the heart of all that we do.

Trust and Empathy

We build strong, broad and sustainable relationships with our clients. We put ourselves in our clients’ shoes and are focussed on delivering the best possible solutions for them.

Quality and excellence

We deliver great client service and strive to deliver the highest quality advice and support to our clients.

Knowledge and experience

We pride ourselves on the deep sector and service knowledge we have as a firm. We provide our clients access to highly experienced and specialist legal practitioners.


We work with our clients as ‘one’ team. We provide a flexible and responsive service that is tailored to their ways of working and needs.


We are confident in the advice we give. We are not afraid to say it how we see it and are ambitious for our clients and our firm.

Leadership and Innovation

We look to innovate and lead in the market. We understand how markets are changing and what clients are looking for from their legal advisors, tuning in to the big strategic challenges that our clients face.