Intellectual property

Intellectual property (IP) is a key asset which our solicitors help our clients to identify and commercialise as a means of protecting the asset and generating steady streams of revenue.

Our specialist intellectual property solicitors assist throughout the lifecycle of IP, from advising on the suitability of proposed trademarks to providing transactional advice on the disposal of IP rights.

Our solicitors advise on issues relating to:

  • Copyright
  • Passing off
  • Moral rights
  • Design rights
  • Database rights
  • Trade marks
  • Domain names
  • Licensing
  • Publishing
  • Software development
  • Confidential information
  • Brand clearance and searching
  • Intellectual property audits
  • Trade mark and domain name registrations and monitoring
  • Commercialisation strategies
  • Royalty arrangements
  • Assignment of rights
  • Dealing with infringements of IP rights
  • Successfully registering a series of related trade marks in respect of new information sharing system for use by various police forces designed to speed up crime detection and the identification of suspects.
  • Determining the ownership of the copyright subsisting in a software solution designed for a new transport delivery model on behalf of a new technology company.
  • Successfully acting on behalf of a public body accused of having infringed third-party copyright in a widely read blog.
  • Advising on the IP issues arising out of a publishing arrangement in respect of a commemorative book and drafting a bespoke publishing contract.
  • Developing an enforcement and brand management strategy for a central London authority’s recently acquired copyright in its street name plates and drafting the contractual documentation for the licensing of these rights to third parties.
  • As part of a substantial intellectual property right dispute, advising on the use of ‘clean room design’ procedures as a method of avoiding infringing third-party IP rights.
  • Advising a central government department on a passing off claim and potential domain name dispute.
  • Securing a local authority’s ownership of the IP rights subsisting in a bespoke animation to be rolled out for the promotion of oral health amongst children.
  • Assisting a public body in protecting its copyright in a suite of educational documents prepared for schools and academies and drafting related licence agreements.
  • Advising technology start-ups on trade mark registration process and strategies for the protection of IP, including copyrighted works, confidential information and trade marks.
  • Acting for a central government department on complex software licensing and IP rights relating to a major IT outsourcing programme, including assisting with the continued use of IP.
  • Advising on complex copyright and moral rights issues in multiple jurisdictions arising out of the international tour of a theatre production and working on related agreements with the production’s musicians, producers, composer, author and leading actor.

Going Green

It is vital for the legal industry to support the environmental agenda. Our specialist teams are finding more and more ways to support our clients green goals and obligations. Visit our green goals page for more details on how we can achieve green aims both for our clients in the work we do as well as a business and employer.

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Intellectual property

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