Sharpe Pritchard invests in team as it announces firm-wide above inflation pay rises

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Sharpe Pritchard, the public law specialist, has announced firm-wide above inflation pay rises as it invests in its team and rewards them for their hard work throughout the pandemic.

The move, which stands in contrast to the pay freezes seen elsewhere in the sector, follows an earlier round of pay rises in October last year.

Sharpe Pritchard has also rewarded its team with a range of new benefits, most recently including health insurance, life assurance and income protection.

Justin Mendelle, Senior Partner at Sharpe Pritchard, said: “Our teams have worked tirelessly through the challenges of the ongoing pandemic.

“We bucked the trend in October by continuing with promotions and pay rises and have done so again this April, with pay rises across the firm significantly higher than inflation.

“It is right that our talented teams continue to be competitively rewarded. Our people are central to the success of our firm.”

Sharpe Pritchard’s focus on rewarding its employees has contributed to it being named recently as one of the UK’s 20 Best Law Firms to Work for 2021.

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