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I wanted to formally record our thanks …… for the fantastic support and guidance throughout this project. Personally I always felt that you totally understood what we were trying to achieve and explained everything in language we could easily understand which was really important. With your support and advice we always managed to reach the right conclusions – this has surely been proven based on the positive outcome.

Sally is a Partner in the Infrastructure Team at Sharpe Pritchard, who specialises in advising the public sector on a variety of complex service delivery models including major projects and large scale contracts.  Sectors include local government, waste, leisure and emergency services.

Sally regularly advises on all aspects of public procurement, the procurement route, vires, risk transfer and other issues which arise during the procurement and contract preparation process.

She has extensive experience of drafting commercial contracts for a range of services and assisting clients with the procurement process itself. Sally also advises on the structure of contracts including the setting of differing structures for framework arrangements and the ultimate call-off contracts. Sally’s experience and knowledge is highly valuable as it enables her to bring fully explored and tested options to the client.

Sally often works on-site at clients’ offices to provide support when it is most needed during a project and works hard to ensure that deadlines are met.

Sally has a particular interest in advising on waste, grounds maintenance and leisure procurements, and having carried out a large number of procurements over her career, has a wealth of experience and different approaches which have been fully tested which she is always willing to explore with clients. This is often highly valuable when clients are embarking on a procurement for the first time.

Case highlights

  • Waste collection procurements for various local authorities.
  • Leisure management projects for various local authorities.
  • Advising on grounds maintenance service contracts for various local authorities.
  • Advising on repairs and maintenance of local authority housing stocks including minor and major works.
  • ICT procurement such as information management systems, case management systems, self service portals
  • Advising emergency services on procurement processes
  • Advising collaborating police forces on the purchase of various kit and the procurement of services.
  • Advising on a number of standard documentation including internal contract codes, back to back arrangements, collaborative arrangements, inter authority agreements and suites of documentation including tender packs.