Rob Hann

Legal Director and Head of Local Government
020 7405 4600
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Rob has an excellent grasp of public law, procurement law and the laws relating to large scale and high-value PFI projects. During his time with us, Rob was able to provide valuable and timely advice on complex issues in these areas of law, relating to current projects. He has the ability to foresee legal issues well ahead of a project starting. He is able to set out his advice in a concise and easily digestible manner, and his contribution was welcomed and highly regarded.

– Head of Legal at a major transport authority

Rob is a legal director and Head of Local Government at the firm. He has worked for several local authorities and was head of legal at 4ps/Local Partnerships for nearly 20 years, leading the development and roll-out of the local government PFI programme for local government across England and Wales. Rob is also the author of several major law books on local authority charging, trading, companies and partnerships.

Rob is known for his extensive knowledge of public law, procurement, vires and the laws relating to large scale and high-value PFI and PPP projects. Having worked for many years at the centre of local government policy development and programmes, identifying and removing obstacles to major projects, Rob can use this experience to benefit clients and to pursue new initiatives efficiently and effectively.

He advises on legacy PFI projects, new PPP structures, companies and other partnerships. Additionally, Rob develops products and knowhow to help train local authority lawyers and officers in a wide range of skills, including developing commercial skills and expertise within the sector.

Rob will be the lead contact for the firms’ upcoming new facility ‘Sharpe edge’ which will provide a new and unique source for accessing knowhow for local authority lawyers and to contact Rob directly to discuss local authority legal issues.

Case highlights

  • Rob’s recent experience includes working on major projects involving legacy waste and other PFI contracts and development a charging action zone as part of a council’s road traffic CO2 reduction strategy.