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Gemma, thank you. It’s been a pleasure working with you. You’ve been an excellent external legal partner. I’d like to think that together we provided the client with the legal support and advice it required. I hope our paths cross again.

I truly believe we would not have reached the result we did without your input, which was extremely professional at all times, combined with in-depth knowledge and experience of the subject to enable all the challenges to be overcome.

Gemma is a Partner and is a specialist in Technology and Procurement Law at Sharpe Pritchard. Gemma’s key specialisms include complex IT infrastructure and business outsourcing projects and providing key strategic and commercial advice regarding procurement to public sector and private clients.

Gemma’s experience in working on some of the most complex ICT and telecommunications projects is invaluable as it enables her to bring technical knowledge and tried and tested solutions gained from first-hand experience to each project.

Clients value Gemma’s collaborative working style, and she regularly works on site with clients at intensive periods during a project to enable deadlines to be met.

Gemma advises on all types of complex technology and telecommunications procurements, including the implementation of Systems Integrator, SIAM and service tower models, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, Cloud Technology (e.g. Software as a Service) models, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Projects and other innovative technologies. Gemma undertakes complex contract drafting to ensure that contracts reflect reality and are future-proofed in an environment where the technology and law change frequently. Gemma is an experienced negotiator and often conducts dialogue and negotiations, always with a firm view of achieving the best deal and results for her clients. Gemma understands the inherent challenges of exit and migration to a new solution and frequently supports her clients on the exit management of critical business services contracts to ensure a smooth exit and transfer in a variety of outsourcing scenarios.

Gemma is also a data protection practitioner, advising clients on continuing compliance with data protection laws, including advising on privacy notices, data protection policies and data protection impact assessments.

Case highlights

  • Gemma advised Sheffield City Council on its Technology 2020 Strategy. Gemma has advised the Council on certain CCS frameworks (G-Cloud, Digital Outcomes and Specialists 2, Network Services (RM1045), Technology Products (RM3733)) that are available to the Council in order to procure ICT Services.
  • Gemma advised Essex Police on the procurement of an Integrated Communications and Control System using the Competitive Procedure with Negotiation.
  • Gemma provides data protection advice to a number of clients, including drafting privacy notices, advising on data protection impact assessments and advising on controller – processor roles and obligations.
  • Gemma advised the Ministry of Justice on the Future IT Sourcing (FITS) Programme and subsequent Technology Transformation Programme (TTP) which was a disaggregate service tower model. At busy periods, Gemma was embedded with the FITS team at MoJ’s offices for 2/3 days per week. Gemma led on the procurement of the Networks and WAN & LAN towers, providing strategic input at commencement of the procurement procedure regarding issues such as hard-to-reach locations, and advising on the draft contracts and all aspects of the procurement.
  • Gemma advised Dorset County Council on its procurement of its Phase 1 (superfast), Phase 2 (superfast) and ultrafast broadband procurements. Gemma liaised with both BDUK and Council representatives during the procurement procedures. Gemma also provided particular input in reviewing the invitation to tender and suggesting amendments to the contract templates.