Procurement Policy Note 05/20 – The Outsourcing Playbook V2.0

The Updated Playbook

The fifth PPN of 2020 draws attention to the recent publication of the Cabinet Office’s Outsourcing Playbook v2.0. The original iteration of the Playbook was designed to help central government departments make better decisions in relation to outsourcing by codifying best practice from across government. The updated version builds on the original version by providing updated or new content on:

  • Delivery model assessments;
  • Piloting first generation outsourcing; and
  • Building and maintaining successful relationships.

V2.0 also introduces a new ‘functional matrix’ to guide government departments as they implement the Playbook’s guidelines and rules. It is supplemented by a range of updated guidance notes.

Relevance to Local Authorities

While the Outsourcing Playbook is primarily intended to guide central government departments, many of the principles contained within are relevant to local authorities and other public body contracting authorities. Ensuring that outsourcing, or indeed other procurement exercises, are well structured and efficient will be particularly important for local authorities in the coming years as the Prime Minister’s New Deal is likely to mean expenditure at the local level. Local authorities especially are unlikely to ‘build, build, build’ without engaging the private sector; procuring effectively will be of the utmost importance.

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