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Case: Holt v Attorney General [2014] UKPC 4 (19/2/14)

Client: Attorney General of the Isle of Man (Respondent)

Court: Privy Council

Solicitor: William Rose

Result: Appeal allowed, convictions to be quashed

The appeal to the Privy Council was against the conviction of a young advocate for money laundering and making false documents.

The prosecution involved the arrangement for a transfer of £400,000 to the law firm, the appellant’s involvement in that arrangement, the charge that the £400,000 was criminal property, the fact that the appellant knew or suspected that the arrangement would facilitate the client of that money and that the appellant knew or suspected that the £400,000 represented the criminal property of another.

The Privy Council allowed Ms Holt’s appeal. In its judgment, the Privy Council said that the jury had not been properly directed in relation to the actual state of

Ms Holt’s mind as regards where she thought the money came from, and whether there was actual knowledge or suspicion that there was some kind of criminal conduct involved in relation to the money.

It was not possible to say whether she would have been convicted if the jury had been properly directed.

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