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We are thrilled to announce the launch of an exclusive series of articles on the practice of retrofitting. These articles aim to provide valuable insights into the world of retrofitting, specifically tailored for procurement and infrastructure professionals working in local government.

Retrofitting represents the single biggest environmental challenge as the UK seeks to keep its net zero commitments. This series aims to provide legal and policy ideas for retrofit. It helps practitioners to deliver in this critical area. Understanding the legal and technical landscape surrounding retrofitting is crucial for professionals involved in implementing projects and ensuring compliance.

In this comprehensive series, we delve into various aspects of retrofitting that will equip you with the necessary knowledge and tools to navigate this complex field effectively. The articles cover the following topics:

  1. Why Retrofit? - Exploring the compelling argument for retrofitting initiatives, including a look at the built environment and additional considerations for local authorities.
  2. Obligations on Local Authorities to Retrofit - Examining the legal obligations placed on local authorities to prioritise and execute retrofitting projects, including energy efficiency measures, building regulations, future building standards and scope of action.
  3. Legislation Governing Retrofit Energy Efficiency Measures - Analysing the Building Regulations 2010, considering its scope, practical considerations of the regulations for retrofitting projects.
  4. Retrofit Programs Carried out by Local Authorities - Highlighting successful retrofitting programs implemented by local authorities throughout the UK, showcasing best practices and their overall impact on the community and exploring the Energiesprong Model.
  5. Grant Funding Available for Local Authorities - Providing insights into the diverse grant schemes available and previous schemes available to local authorities for retrofitting projects, focusing on eligibility criteria and the application processes.

This series will provide invaluable knowledge and empower you to make informed decisions regarding retrofitting initiatives within your communities. To view the series in full, please click here.

Please reach out via email: if you wish to discuss any of the initiatives raised within the series.

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