Fundamentals of Local Government Law (to include decision making)

20 June 2019

Level: Introductory

20 June 2019, 9.30am registration (9.45am start) – 1.00pm (followed by lunch) Sharpe Pritchard, London (NO VCE)

Presented by Geldards and Sharpe Pritchard

Course overview

This course will provide practical background to the law on which local authority governance is based. We will consider fundamental issues in local government law and look at statutes, case law and legal principles which underpin the way that local authorities operate.

Suitable audience:

Junior lawyers, lawyers who are new to local government and anyone who would like to refresh their memory on the law on which local authority governance is based.

Overview and topics to be covered include:

• The statutory basis for local government
• Local government finance
• Responsibility for decision-making
• Delegation of functions
• Exercising powers reasonably, including taking account of all relevant matters
• Consultation
• Bias and predetermination
• Roles of statutory officers
• Constitutions
• Shared services

Duration: Half a day (3 training hours) including lunch

Interactive elements

Those attending will be encouraged to discuss any issues of concern that have arisen in their own experience of local government law.

There will be a practical exercise in which we will consider local government law in the context of a practical scenario.


This course will cover:

A Ethics professionalism and judgement

B Technical legal practice

Presenter profiles:

John Sharland, Sharpe Pritchard is a local government lawyer specialising in procurement law and projects for the delivery of services for public authorities. He has worked on major regeneration projects and advised on the structures and delivery vehicles for authorities to achieve their objectives. John is an expert on administrative law and local government finance and regularly advises on public law issues such as constitution and governance, propriety and ethics, freedom of information, data protection and human rights.

Clare Hardy, Geldards has extensive experience of advising on public sector matters. She provides advice on a wide range of local government law matters, such as constitutional and governance issues, contracts and standards of conduct. She also provides knowledge management on public law matters.

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