Engagement firm actions – Post March 2021

Leadership – how employees feel about the head of the organization, senior management and the organisation’s values and principles.

  • SP Strategy finalized and communicated to all staff
  • Regular firm wide updates
  • Flex Policy consulted on and launched to firm

Wellbeing – How employees feel about stress, pressure at work and life balance

  • Wellbeing strategy embedded to the firm’s governance
  • Wellbeing Leadership Group launched May 2021 tasked to promote positive wellbeing and mental health across the firm.
  • 3 new mental health first aiders trained May 2021, we now have 5 MHFA and 1 Champion
  • Benefits review: Comprehensive PMI introduced in June, inc dental and optical cover, online GP service.
  • Wellbeing afternoon & lunch and learns (inc TELUS Health EAP L&L).
  • Wellbeing awareness newsletters
  • Manager mental health awareness training – Rethink (May), Mental Health for Legal Managers Riliance
  • Signed up to the Mindful business charter
  • Ongoing work of the EDI Forum to build inclusiveness 

Personal Growth – How employees feel about training and their future prospects

  • Annual L&D Plan (April – March) created based on L&D needs identified at appraisals
  • Individual L&D budgets
  • Review of MYR and appraisal forms to create slimed down versions with the continued focus on learning and development.
  • New Competency framework implementation – supports April promotions and ongoing personal development plans 

My Manager – how employees feel about and communicate with their direct manager

  • New manager hub with a variety of resources to support management and supervision and includes a dedicated Hybrid working section
  • Best companies management feedback tool
  • Manager mental health awareness training – Rethink (May), Mental Health for Legal Managers Riliance

Fair Deal – how happy employees are with pay and benefits

  • April salary benchmarking and salary review, including an inflationary rise increase
  • PMI introduced in June
  • Gender pay Gap reporting

Giving something back – the extent to which employees feel their organization has a positive impact on society

  • 2025 Net Zero commitment
  • PRIME/Sutton Trust work experience
  • Application to the social mobility employer index
  • CSR charitable work – Reach out to Kids (RO2K)
  • City University mentoring
  • Fully funded apprenticeship programme for the SQE to improve social mobility
  • Becoming a Disability Confident Employer
  • Becoming a Disability Business Forum member
  • Undertaken a disability audit, to identify reasonable adjustments in the workplace
  • We have in place energy efficient lighting with motion sensors, programmable thermostats.
  • With our new print solutions we have also incorporated Printreleaf.  This platform automatically converts our paper footprint into actual trees.  To date we have used 82,381 standard pages which have been offset and 9 trees have been reforested.
  • We are committed to using Fairtrade Products and are now a Fairtrade Workplace Changer.
  • We are using glass bottles for our milk supplies which has reduced our one-use plastic consumption.
  • We have recycling facilities for general waste and food in the kitchen areas and we recycle all our old toners and batteries.
  • Our IT equipment to include laptops, PCs’s and monitors have been donated to our Charity Partners and this initiative will continue this year and beyond.

My Team – employee’s feelings towards their immediate colleagues and how well they work together

  • SP Flex policy encourages collaboration, training and supervision
  • Manager hub contains ideas and guidance for team building and effective virtual teams

My Company – The level of engagement employees feel with their job and organisation

  • The firm’s commitment to the best companies survey for 2022 to assess employees levels of engagement, hear feedback and where possible implement solutions.