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Michael Comba – My Favourite Building

The Barbican Estate. Do you think that’s an obvious choice – or do you reckon it’s a hidden gem?
It was perhaps a bit more controversial in the past, but definitely back in vogue. At the weekend it’s filled with people getting pics for the ‘gram now. That said, it still has its fair share of detractors who dismiss it as ‘brutalist’ – but, at risk of sounding pretentious, it’s so much more complex than that.

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James Goldthorpe – My Favourite Building

What is it, Emirates Stadium, home to Arsenal Football Club.

Any honourable mentions? I almost picked York Minster, which is completely beautiful, and could equally have gone for Exeter Cathedral. I also think the National Theatre is unfairly maligned.

Dishonourable mentions? The new Spurs stadium, which has been dubbed ‘The Toilet Seat’, is pretty bad, but that may be my tribal loyalties talking…

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