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JCT 101: Time and Punishment

The Contractor was employed to design and construct a much-needed new primary school in the Employer’s borough. The project has generally gone well but there have been a few workmanship issues along the way; the parties were able to address and resolve these issues amicably. The project is now 2 weeks out from the Date for Completion of the Works.

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Scenario Four: Insolvency – Termination and Beyond

The Employer instructed a Contractor to design and build a small multi-use community centre. The project started well but a quarter of the way through standards started to slip. The Clerk of Works and Employer’s Agent began to notice workmanship issues on site and a delay in certain activities being completed. The project is now halfway through, and it has

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Scenario Three: Payment Notices – Paying the Ultimate Price

In this scenario, the Contractor made an Interim Payment Application (IPA) on 19 August 2021. The Employer’s Agent (EA) was on leave when the IPA was received and only when the Employer’s Project Manager came to review the IPA in more detail did the Employer conclude that the IPA was for an inflated amount. The due date of the IPA

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Scenario Two: Adverse Weather

During a week of gale-force winds, a Contractor and an Employer verbally agree that works on a high-rise building should be halted for a week.

The disruption causes knock-on delays and, one week before the project’s Date for Completion, the Employer receives two letters from the Contractor:

  1. A notice requesting an Extension of Time to complete the works; and
  2. A
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