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Nature England – Green Infrastructure Framework

On 2 February 2023, Natural England published the Green Infrastructure Framework (“the Framework”), a new tool to help towns and cities turn greener. The Framework is intended for use by local planning authorities (“LPAs”) and developers and seeks to increase the amount of green cover in urban residential areas in light of national policy requirements contained

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The Role of Offsetting in Local Government Climate Change Plans

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An important area for local authorities to consider as part of their decarbonisation plans is offsetting. Regrettably, this is in danger of becoming mired in controversy, with a widespread misunderstanding of its legitimacy and the role that it could properly play in those decarbonisation plans.


The targets that have been wound into UK law under the

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Sharpe Pritchard Offers 10 Hours of Pro Bono Legal Advice to Local Authorities for Green Projects

Furthering its commitment to assisting local authorities in achieving their green goals and Net Zero targets, Sharpe Pritchard, the national firm of public law specialists, is offering 10 hours of pro bono legal advice to local authorities for green projects in the feasibility phase.

Budget constraints can often hinder progress on green projects at the feasibility stage. Sharpe Pritchard aims

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