Sharpe Pritchard is committed to meeting the aims and objectives of its corporate social responsibility policy. We drive our policy forward in four key areas:

  • responsibility to one another;
  • responsibility for equal access to legal advice;
  • responsibility to the community; and
  • responsibility to the environment.

The firm has committed to a number of initiatives including:

  • offering flexible working arrangements for staff;
  • working with community and charitable organisations to provide legal advice on a pro-bono or discounted basis;
  • offering apprenticeship placements within the firm; and
  • taking forward environmentally sound practices within the firm.

Our dedicated corporate social responsibility committee members regularly review and update our policies, taking into account the views of staff members to ensure it is robust and sustainable. 


14 March 2017

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10 March 2017

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1 March 2017

Cloud Industry Body Establishes New Data Protection Code of Conduct for Cloud Infrastructure Services
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