Reasonable Adjustment

We regularly review our workplace and offices to remove physical barriers and provide accessibility to applicants of all abilities.

  • designated disabled car parking outside office
  • all doors are wheelchair accessible on the ground floor
  • the height of access points are accessible for disabled people
  • there is an electric lift from kerbside to reception area
  • the entrance includes weather protection recess area
  • lifts are accessible to a wheelchair user
  • public/emergency phones are fitted and telephones suitable for those with hearing aids and identified with a symbol
  • disabled/wheelchair access to toilets available on all floors
  • devices implementing visual and tactile design (vibrating pagers) are available.
  • PEEP’s are in place to ensure safe egress in the event of a fire and a “buddy” system is in place
  • adequate training has been provided to all key staff regarding disability awareness to include front of house
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