Disability Support

We are a Disability Confident employer, which means that we will make reasonable adjustments to help you perform at your best.

  • make changes to the interview process, for example hold a face-to-face interview rather than a telephone-based interview when this would be beneficial
  • provide tests in alternative format
  • ensure that our online tests are compatible with software such as speech to text for candidate with Dexterity conditions.
  • give more time for someone with dyslexia to do any written or reading tests that are part of the interview process
  • provide the tests on pastel coloured paper, if this would be beneficial to candidates with dyslexia
  • ask a candidate who is deaf or has hearing loss their preference on communication and book assistance (e.g., interpreter) if needed
  • when interviewing a candidate who is deaf of has hearing loss, to consider the light source so as not to put lips in a shadow and to keep background noise at minimum.
  • give candidates the use of a computer/laptop for a written test
  • allow extra time for presentations for someone with a speech condition – to prepare and deliver
  • Using an accessible font for any handouts
  • offer multiple ways of getting in touch during the recruitment process (e.g., phone and email)

This is a short list to give some examples only and it must not be understood to be an exhaustive list of what we can or cannot do to support candidates.

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